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Villablue is the original chillout project started by P. De Falco & Juanita Grande in the mid-00s.

This started with a tongue-in cheek idea for the ultimate "Easy Listening" album, back in 2007. A dozen electronic light-pop songs with a Balearic feeling (read: Spanish guitars), featuring Juanita Grande's luxurious, sugar-coated vocals & her semi-sarcastic love lyrics. It was called "Easy Now"; it is now long out of print and we're not too anxious to re-release it. Those were simpler times, as they say. Another era.

To our great surprise it generated interest in Ibiza, initially from Café Del Mar and Ibiza Global Radio (who once played the whole album while interviewing us), then from a whole series of other "Lounge"-type compilations from all over Europe. We happily licensed away until our flavor of the day effectively went out of style.

At that time we were already working with the Parisian DJs of the label Pschent (responsible for the iconic Hotel Costes) Charles Schillings & Stephane Pompougnac on a project with a very different vibe: enter Villablack.

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